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September 2006
I hope this month's newsletter finds everyone well and relaxed after a very warm but still beautiful summer. It always seems like September and October are my busiest months with my clients returning from summer vacations anxious to get back to working out.  As I am sitting here at my computer, I am glad that summer is unofficially over and the kids are back at school!!!!  They may not be so happy about it but I am ready to get back to having a regular schedule and having more time to devote to you, my wonderful clients!
Check this out:  www.inshapewithkari.com  I am finally on the web.  One of my clients, Jeff did this for me.  Go see it and let me know what you think.
Eating Tip of the month!!
Breakfast!  Breakfast! Breakfast!! How many times have you heard me say that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, and how many times have you ran out of the house without eating anything and then not eating anything until lunchtime.  By then you are starving and grab the first (not neccessarily the healthiest) thing you see in the cafetaria.  Get those calories in early in the day when you need them and you will be more alert and productive during the day.  You will also be less prone to grab snacks as you won't be as hungry during the rest of the day.
"But if I eat breakfast then I feel hungrier by midday then when I don't" , some of you say.  Well, the reason for this is when you put food in your stomach it will take some time to digest it. When it is digested, the stomach is empty and you feel hungry since it is now time to refuel.  If you don't eat breakfast, then your stomach hasn't gone through the process of digestion and being empty.
There are many simple things you can eat on the go: frozen waffles, cereal,peanut butter toast. Just try to make sure that your breakfast has both carbohydrate and protein sources, and you will have started the day with a good beginning that will carry you throughout your day.

Does Extreme Weather Wreck Workouts?

When the mercury is rising and the humidity follows suit, the last thing most of us feel like doing is exercise. And according to new research, we’re not alone: People who live in hot, humid climates are far less active than those who live in cooler, drier areas.

Researchers compared physical activity data from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) survey of U.S. states and territories with information from 255 weather stations across the nation. The area with the hottest temperatures and greatest humidity had the lowest levels of physical activity among residents. This included Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and North Carolina, with 30.9 percent to 37.4 percent of residents getting the CDC's recommended amount of activity of 30 minutes of moderate activity five or more days per week. At the top of the list of most active areas was Montana, which boasts a relatively cool, dry climate, where 60.9 percent of residents get the recommended amount of physical activity.

Perhaps not surprisingly, data indicated that activity levels varied between seasons, with summer seeing the highest activity and winter the lowest. However, researchers did find the overall results somewhat surprising given the many alternatives currently available to exercising outside.

Source: American Journal of Health Behavior, 2005; 29, 4, 371-381

Recipe of the Month:
Fruity Morning Shakes - My 10 year old daughter makes these for me in the morning.  It's really a nice way to start out the morning and if you are in a rush, put this in your travel mug instead of coffee and drink it on the way!
8 oz fat free plain or vanilla yogurt
2 teaspoons sugar
1 cup frozen fruit (we buy a variety of fruit: peaches, strawberries, blueberries)
Put the yogurt and sugar in the container of an electric blender.  Add the fruit.  Put lid on securely and turn the blender on high speed until thick and smooth.  Serve in a glass immediately.
See?  so easy that now no one has no excuse to not having something in the morning to start your day off!!